Products: Hollywood Theme

Hollywood Theme.

Ostrich Feather Tower Vase.

Hollywood Red Carpet.

Balloon Columns.

Backdrop Skyline Hollywood 120 x 914cm $39.95.

Carpet Runner Red 91cm x 15m $81.95.

Red Carpet Runner 60.9cm x 4.5m Roll $17.95.

Durable, Colourfast, Double Sided Tape provided.

Cutout Prop Black Tie Stage 152cm $14.75.

Wall City Scape 120cm x 12m Roll $39.95.

Cutouts Hollywood Paparazzi 2 Props 1.6m Tall $14.95.

Cutouts Hollywood Star 38cm $4.50.

Banner Hollywood - 162 x 50cm $27.50.

Personalise It! Your own words!Includes 87 adhesive letters and numbers 7cm H

Trophy Awards Night Female $19.50

20cm H

Trophy Awards Night $19.50.

20cm H

Trophies Award Night 7.5cm Pack 6 $6.95.

Trophy Shooting Stars 23cm $12.35.

Trophy Statuette Star 22cm H $19.95.

Hollywood Window View 1.5m x 1m $17.95.

Scene Setter Marilyn Monroe 85cm x 165cm Pack 2 $8.75.

Scene Setter Hollywood Sign 76.2cm x 165cm Pack 2 $7.35.

Scene Setter Hollywood Signs 85cm x 165cm Pack 2 $7.50.

VIP Entrance Sign 20cm x 55cm Printed both sides $4.50.

Centrepiece Directors Board 33cm $15.50.

Centrepiece Movie Set Clapboard 38cm $9.95.

Centrepiece Cascade Hollywood.

Centrepiece Cascade 21cm $10.95.

Centrepiece Spray Celebration 21.6cm $11.50.

Centrepiece Star 38cm $9.95.

Border Roll Star Filmstrip 45cm x 762cm $18.75.

Border Trim Filmstrip 11.2m x 4.7cm H $8.95.

Cutout Lights! Camera! Action! 50cm 2 sides Pack 3 $8.75.

Cutouts Hollywood Clapboard 25cm $3.

Cutouts Hollywood Projector 30cm $3.95.

Directors Clapboard 17.5 x 20cm Wood $5.75.

Clapboard Movie Set includes Chalk 17 x 19cm $9.50.

Clapboard Photo Holder or Balloon Weight $9.75.

Door Cover - VIP Stage Door 75cm x 1.5m $7.50.

Cutout Hollywood Film 20cm $2.50.

Door Poster Awards Night 152 x 76cm $14.50.

Costume Tux Vest Plastic $4.95 ea.

Awards Night Vest Prismatic $5.50.

Bow Tie Black Glitz 11cm x 18cm Elastic Attached $5.95.

Party Tape Celebrities Only 7.6 x 609cm $3.95.

Ceiling Decor The Stars Are Out Gold 30cm x 365cm $14.95.

Ceiling Decoration Lights! Camera! Action! 365 x 30cm $22.50.

Ceiling Runner Movie Set 30cm x 3.6 mtr $24.95.

Hanging Decoration Whirls Award Night 1m.

Hanging Decoration Streamin' Stars 60cm Pack 5 $11.95.

Hanging String Hollywood Decoration 2.1m $7.95.

Movie Camera Photo Holder or Balloon Weight $9.75.

Confetti Top Hats Gold $5.95.

Confetti Top Hats Gold $5.95

Party Prop Cutout 86 x 5.1m L Cutout $15.95.

Cutout detail and stick to wall.

Scene Setter Border Roll 45cm x 12m $19.95.

Scene Setter Metallic Film 45cm x 12m $27.35.

Megaphone 15cm $5.95 ea.

Picks Hollywood 5cm H Pack 9 letters $4.95.

Picks Gold Star 8cm molded plastic Pack 8 $6.95.

Hanging Decoration Black Gold.

Hanging Decoration Silver Purple 1.7m $7.35.

Microphone Glittered 25.4cm $6.95.

Scatters Clapboard and Filmstrip 14gr $6.95.

Tablecover Star Attractions Plastic 137cm x 259cm $9.95.

Tablecover Black & Gold Plastic 137cm x 274cm $12.95.

Table Runner Stars 28cm x 1.8m long $19.50.

Tablecloth Roll Paper Stars 30m x 112cm $36.95.

Gold Star Photo Holder, Table No. or Balloon Weight

Silver Star Photo Holder, Table No. or Balloon Weight.

Invitation Awards Night Pack 8 $11.95.

Pack 8 Hollywood Lights cards and envelopes

Invitations & Star Seals 10 x 15cm Pack 8 $11.95.

Invitations Hollywood Your Invited 8 invites 8 envelopes $15.25.

Invitations Pink Limmo 28.6 x 7cm Pink Envelopes Pack 6 $11.25.

Pink Glitter with colour printing on reverse.

Invitations Lights Camera Action Pack 8 $7.50.

Beverage Napkin Star Attractions Pack 16 $7.95.

Curtain Gold Black Stars Foil 90cm x 2.4m $38.95.

Place Cards Awards Night Pack 8 $6.25.

Place Cards Foil Stars 8cm Pack 8 $6.25.

Sticker Walk of Fame 30cm 37cm $5.75.

Tablecloth Roll Paper Stars 30m x 112cm $36.95.

Wristbands VIP Gold Pack 100 $29.95.

Wristbands VIP Silver Pack 100 $29.95.